The Stalker Known As Stephen Gianelli, A Proxy Operative for Leonard Cohen & His Legal Team, Descends on Truth Sentinel to Publicly Attack, Slander, Elicit Information & Defend the Legal Interests of Cohen & His Representatives

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra)

Truth Sentinel2 Published on Feb 2, 2015
Truth Sentinel Episode 39. Truth, lies, Guilt & innocence. We talk to Kelley Lynch about her legal battles with Leonard Cohen. Writer Anne Diamond joins us to talk about her experiences of dating & living next door to Cohen along with his links to MK Ultra. Anthony K talks about MK Ultra and the experiments that broke every ethical code of practice.
As befits a man regarded as perhaps the most lyrical voice in contemporary popular music, the witness statement read to a Los Angeles court by Leonard Cohen was unusually poetic in its phrasing. "I want to thank the court, in the person of your honour," Cohen told an LA county superior court judge, "for the cordial, even-handed and elegant manner in which these proceedings have unfolded. It was a privilege and an education to testify in this courtroom.&q…